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Flamenco 3

Take control of your computing infrastructure and get things done.
Flamenco is used in production at Blender Institute.

Disclaimer: this site describes Flamenco 3, which is still under heavy development. For information on its predecessor, see Flamenco 2.

Getting Started

Feature overview

Free and Private

Flamenco runs on your own hardware.
Your data is yours, and yours alone.


Flamenco v3 is the simplest version of Flamenco so far, consisting of less components, and requiring less configuration, than any of its predecessors.

Easy customization

The available job types, and how these are turned into concrete tasks for Workers, are all defined in JavaScript.
Designed to customise to your specific needs.

Released under GPL 3.0, every component of Flamenco is Free and Open Source software. We use Go and SQLite, and host the sources on developer.blender.org

Looking for the old Flamenco v2 documentation?